Herbal Pollen Tea
Herbal Pollen Tea
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【Product Name】

Prost-Care Herbal Pollen Tea


Bee pollen, Purslane, Cordate Houttuynia, Dandelion, Black Tea.



Acute, chronic prostatitis or enlarged prostate (BPH); Pains caused by gynecological inflammation; Men and women with sub-health genito-urinary system;



2.5g/bag, 100bags/box



Prost-Care Herbal Pollen Tea, is a unique herbal formula especially for prostate and people’s genito-urinary problems, originated from confidential prescription handed down from generation to generation in “Dian He Tang” Hospital of TCM, a Chinese traditional hospital with more than 100 years history in Yunnan, China. It came from great intelligence of traditional medical science and has recovered tens of thousands of patients in Yunnan Province.


It is 100% natural and the most effective herbal medicine to cure prostatitis and enlarged prostate/BPH radically. It has distinctive features as below:


1. Obvious efficacy (only need 5-7 days);

2. Short cure period (6-12 weeks);

3. Cure for both symptoms and roots;

4. Totally green and safe.



【Pharmacologic Actions】


1. Contains Cernilton from bee pollen, which can restrain the activity of 5α-reductase, reduce the level of 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in prostate.

2. According to research, Yunnan Prostate Care Herbal Pollen Tea can increase the density of Zinc ion in prostate. And according to some reports, prostatic diseases are closely related to the low density of Zinc ion in prostate.

3. The traditional herbal ingredients in it have effects to clear metabolic toxins and the syndrome of damp-heat, protect liver, kidney and gallbladder; relieve stranguria and enhance body immunity. Experimental results show, Yunnan Prostate Care Herbal Pollen Tea can largely enhance the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity(ORAC)in prostate, thus reduce the free radical’s damages to the prostatic tissue.

4. Contains natural botanical compositions: Houttuynin, Taraxasterol and Taraxacin, which have obvious effects to resist bacteria, diminish inflammation and eliminate carbuncle, act as natural antibiotics.



Comparison to Major Prostate Medicines