Breastcure Herbal Tea
Breastcure Herbal Tea
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【Product Name】

Breastcure Herbal Tea



Radix bupleuri, Rooted salvia, Trichosanthes kirilowii, Fritillaria thunbergii, Astragalus mongholicus



Mammary Hyperplasia, Fibroadenoma, Mastitis



2g/bar, 30bags/box





Breastcure Herbal Tea, is a unique herbal formula especially for breast diseases, originated from confidential prescription handed down from generation to generation in “Dian He Tang” Hospital of TCM, a Chinese traditional hospital with more than 100 years history in Yunnan, China. It came from great intelligence of traditional medical science and has recovered tens of thousands of patients in Yunnan Province.


It is 100% natural and the most effective herbal medicine to cure Mammary Hyperplasia, Fibroadenoma and Mastitis. It has distinctive features as below:


1. Obvious efficacy (only need 5-7 days);

2. Short cure period (6-12 weeks);

3. Totally green and safe.